Project Descriptions
Excellence in Construction Award-2005

Sun Electric Company is proud to have received the "Outstanding Electrical Contractor" award for the Crown College project in 2005. Crown College is now located in the former Levi Strauss production plant located at 2307 Beaver Creek Drive, Powell, Tennessee.

Phase 1 consisted of site lighting, building-mounted exterior lighting, new 277/480 volt panelboards, a transformer, and 120/208 volt panelboards. Site lighting included twenty custom-built pole-mounted fixtures, flag pole lighting, signage lighting, under-water fountain lighting, and gazebo lighting. Exterior lighting included custom-built decorative chain-hung and wall-mounted fixtures. The chain-hung fixtures were fabricated for pole mounting. Field modifications were required to convert them to chain-hung. A new 225 amp 277/480 volt two-section panel board was installed feed the lighting and future loads. A 45kVA transformer was installed to feed a 175 amp 120/208 volt panel. This panel fed a field fabricated lighting control panel and future loads. Conduits were also installed for site lighting in an area to be used for future surface parking.

Phase 2 involved converting approximately 70,000 square feet of the 200,000 square foot building from a manufacturing plant to a modern educational facility. The scope of work included identifying and safe-off of selective electrical equipment and branch wiring for demolition by others, as well as identification and marking of systems to be retained and reused. Completely new fire alarm system, cable tray, feeder and branch wiring systems, panel boards, transformers, safety switches, surge suppression, line voltage equipment connections, lighting, emergency lighting, temporary lighting and power, telephone and television cabling and jacks, switches, dimmers, and receptacle outlets were installed. In addition, the existing service switchboards required modifications to serve the new facility.

The East Tennesee chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors and the Association of General Conractors are proud to congratulate Sun Electric Company who received the Construction Excellence in E. Tennessee for Outstanding Electrical Contractor for Projects under $2 Million for the John Deere Southern Distribution Center.

John Deere

In 2003, Sun Electric Company was awarded the Construction Excellence in E. Tennessee for Outstanding Electrical Contractor for Projects under $2 Million for the John Deere Southern Distribution Center.

The John Deere Southern Distribution Center is the second largest building in Jefferson County. The main building is over 489,000 square feet (11.2 acres under roof). The site lighting and power required over 1 and miles of trenching.

The principal electrical features of the main building are a 1200 amp 480 volt main service, a 300 amp 480 volt motor control center, a 150kW generator, 17 sub-panels, and 9 transformers. The lighting system consisted of 716 building-mounted fixtures and 36 site fixtures. Seventy-one dock levelers and truck restraints were wired. A fire alarm system was also included in our work.

Value engineering options were submitted at the time of the bid which saved the owners over 6.5 % of the original bid of more than $900,000 electrical cost of the project.

An aggressive completion schedule added to the complexity of the project. The use of prefabricated wiring systems helped us meet the schedule. Temporary power to the general contractor's job trailer was installed on May 6, 2002. At that time, only the site preparation was nearing completion. All interior lighting fixtures were lit in November; John Deere brought product into the building in December! Substantial completion was accomplished in January, 2003.

Close coordination between all the building trades as well as with Appalachian Electric Co-op, was critical. A "just-in-time" material delivery schedule kept our crews supplied with the necessary commodities with a minimum of material handling labor required.

The work had to be completed correctly the first time - there was no time for reworking a faulty installation. This was accomplished by the use of two veteran working foremen. One foreman had the responsibility for the overall project, but concentrated on the site and electrical distribution system. The other foreman had primary responsibility for the interior lighting and power systems. Our manpower peaked at only 12 workers.

Weekly safety meetings were held at the jobsite. We recorded no lost time injuries in over 7700 man-hours of work.

The East Tennesee chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors is proud to congratulate Sun Electric Company who received the first place Excellence in Construction Award for Sprint PCS electrical installation in 2001.

Sprint PCS

The Sprint PCS switch site was a complex project under a tight time frame (Start-up to Switch Ready in 6 weeks!!)

The contract (over $350,000) consisted of installing a 1200 Amp, 4-section switchboard with a 600W generator and a large UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source).

The demanding schedule and tight specifications led to a 16 hr./day, 7 days/week jobsite. Power wiring, lightning protection and grounding grids are critical to computerized switching, so all our connections were tested and verified by Electro-Test, Inc.

Once the switch room was made ready, focus shifted to completion of: 15,000 ft. of Cat5 wiring, a complex Halon suppression Fire Alarm system, and finish out of interior offices.

In all this project lasted less than 3 months yet consumed thousands of manhours. The Owner, Engineer and Construction Manager were very satisfied and commented that this was only the 2nd of 23 Switch Sites to achieve their rigorous schedule.

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